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Woulda Coulda Shoulda

All Mir, all the time

Woulda Coulda Shoulda is my personal blog, where I’ve been putting it all out there for a dozen years. It’s about life, love, parenting, divorce, remarriage, autism, and bacon. (Not necessarily in that order.) Woulda Coulda Shoulda has received numerous accolades, including being a Babble Top Mom Blog, Yahoo! Pick of the Day, and being featured in Redbook and Parents magazines.

Want Not

Having it all with less

Want Not is my “bargain baby,” an idea born of the intersection between my incurable tightwad tendencies and a desire to help others who’ve struggled with money management. While Want Not features shopping deals most prominently, it also shares tips and tricks for living happily within your means and changing how you view your finances. Who says budgeting can’t be fun?

Alpha Mom

Talking about teens

Parenting doesn’t stop when your kids finish elementary school, and when you’ve got special needs in the mix, sometimes it feels like the teen years are even harder. We’ve (lovingly!) nicknamed my contributions to Alpha Mom the “Freaks and Geeks column,” because my teens are anything but ordinary, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I dish weekly on some of the challenges and triumphs of older kids who march to their very own drums, and now I run an advice column there, as well, so that other parents can ask for feedback on tough teen questions.


The community for women who blog

I’m proud to be one of the editors for the BlogHer community, and have been part of the team since the site’s inception. Some of my BlogHer posts have been picked up by the Huffington Post, which turned out to be a nice little side benefit of belonging to a community of such sharp, brilliant women. I have also been involved with many of the BlogHer and BlogHer Business conferences.

Some Past Gigs

C’mon, get Happier

After a decade spent exclusively freelancing, For a couple of years I traded in some of my freedom for the excitement of being part of a start-up company on a mission to spread happiness. Happier is one part gratitude journal, one part positive social networking, and infinite parts awesome. Joining the Happier crew as company copywriter has definitely made me happier (and that’s saying something, as I tend to describe myself less as a glass-half-empty type and more of a the-glass-is-shattered-and-everything-is-ruined type). They currently offer a free iPhone app as well as mobile courses designed to amp up your appreciation of the life you already have.

Work It, Mom!

Missives from the home office

I was delighted to serve as Work It, Mom!‘s work-from-home freelancing mom blogger for over six years. Sometimes life was just grand; sometimes I felt pulled in a hundred directions. Either way, I shared my ideas and struggles from the front lines—whether you’re a freelancer yourself or you’re thinking about becoming one, you could pull up a chair in my Cornered Office to get the dirt.


Kitchen Table Reviews

What’s better than one point of view? Three points of view, of course. My kids and I spent a blissful year and a half reading tons of books from Scholastic and then sharing the kinds of discussions we were having about our finds, already. Kitchen Table Reviews is the place to get the quick scoop on an assortment of kids’ books from three different perspectives.

Cool Mom Picks

We find it, you flaunt it

As part of the savvy team over at Cool Mom Picks, I spent years helping you discover the greatest mom- and kid-related items you might not have known you need. I still think my status as a “cool mom” is debatable, but proof of said coolness wasn’t part of the job. And who doesn’t want to peek at the latest, greatest, and sometimes wackiest products out there for our kids? Exactly.

Feel More Better

Feel More Better

I loved joining the other women speaking their truths over at Feel More Better, the site dedicated to sharing stories about what it means to grow up female and try to find your happy amidst societal pressures to look, speak, and even be a certain way to fit in. I only wish they’d been around when I was a teenager, though I comfort myself with the hope that my own daughter will find this sort of thing helpful as she navigates her own path.

Smart Money & Finance

For the very brief lifetime during its blogger initiative, I was a Featured Contributor over on’s Money & Finance Channel. I focused on sharing tips to make your money go further without ever feeling dull or deprived. It’s my belief that anyone who says saving money isn’t fun is probably doing it wrong.

Juno Baby

Juno Baby is the award-winning series of DVDs and CDs designed to get kids excited about and engaged with music, for both fun and learning. When I was asked to join the team at their brand-new Juno Baby Blog to talk about being a mom, music, and other issues of interest to today’s parents, I jumped at the chance. For several months I shared our family’s adventures over there a couple times of week.


Licensing industry news and information

For over three years I was the Toy Box Mommy at the blog associated with Ty’s Toy Box. For their blog I offered dynamic, relevant content on children’s media, product licensing, and other items of interest to licensors and Ty’s customers. I also coordinated blogger outreach and giveaways with/for them. My standard joke is that I was the Toy Box Mommy before it was cool to have a corporate blog—Ty’s was an early believer in the power of blogs, and we were able to do a lot of neat things there before “everyone” was doing it.

Iddy Biddy Blog

Working with the fine ladies behind the Idbids, I helped them to create and run the Iddy Biddy Blog during its first year, to share ideas about how iddy biddy steps can make a biggy big difference when it comes to taking care of our planet. Whether we were talking about new innovations in recycling or confessing our not-so-green habits, the Iddy Biddy Blog was a place where parents could learn more about helping our kids be more environmentally conscious (without being preachy).


Milk does a body good

In association with the fine folks who run, I wrote a series of articles about how my family nourishes our morning with the help of delicious dairy products. As I often refer to our abode as the House of Cheese, this was a very easy (and yummy) assignment.